DUNLOP Herco Vintage '66 Silver Medium

Kód: HN155044
Značka: Dunlop
179 Kč
Kategorie: TRSÁTKA
Hmotnost: 0.01 kg
HSCode: 9209940000
Annotation: Trsátka
The Herco nylon pick was the top choice of guitar players when guitar-driven

music began its meteoric rise in the mid-1960s. Dunlop is bringing back that

pick’s classic tone and feel with the Herco Vintage ’66 Series. Herco Vintage ’66

Nylon Picks are available in classic Bold Gold (light) and Hi-Yo Silver (medium)

as well as Extra Light White.

• Herco’s classic pick recreated to exacting specifications

• The top pick choice of early hard rock guitar heroes

• Available in classic light Bold Gold and medium Hi-Yo Silver as well as the

new Extra Light White


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